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Fight! Fight! Fight!

I’ve been practicing how to yell. A friend and I have been working on an improv show that explores relationship issues. It is for sure the most serious improv I have ever attempted, and the same for my scene partner, and boy, does it feel weird. The form involves discovering

Performance: Pillow Talk, 7/9

Check out the lineup! This Saturday at the HIT, we will be topping off the night with a little Pillow Talk! 7pm – Free improv mixer – anyone can sign up to do a scene! 8pm – TBA 9pm – Introduce A Self 10pm – TBA/Pillow Talk

Performances: Solo Sleepover, Monotone, Pillow Talk 5/21

Saturday’s lineup at the HIT is going to be a blast! I’m going to be performing in 3 shows, but make sure to stick around for the other shows as well. You’ll laugh your ass off. 7pm – Free Imrov Mixer 8pm – Mary Todd Lincoln & Solo Sleepover 9pm

Performances: Pop Vultures (4/8) & Pillow Talk (4/9)

It’s another fun weekend at the HIT! I’ll be performing with both Pop Vultures and Pillow Talk this weekend… Check out the lineups for Friday and Saturday below! Friday 4/8 8:00 – Pop Vultures / Spacework 9:00 – Brainwave Aftershave Saturday 4/9 8:00 – Introduce a Self 9:00 – Monotone:

Performance: Phlegminism

Check out the classy ladies of the HIT tonight in their monthly all-girls show, Phlegminism! This show is always a lot of fun, and I am excited to be a part of it again. Here’s the rest of the lineup tonight: 7:00pm – Improv mixer 8:00pm – Mary Todd Lincoln

Performance: Improvapalooza 2016

Happy April Fools! I know it probably sounds like I’m joking, but I’m not… For anyone as obsessed with improv as I am, tonight you can get your fill. Gamut Theatre is hosting the first Improvapalooza, a festival gathering all the local improvisers into one crazy night of fun. There

Performance: Pop Vultures 3/4

Pop Vultures performs tonight at the HIT! Check out the lineup: 8:00pm – Harold Hour with Pop Vultures & Spacework 9:00pm – Missed Connections 10:00pm – Improv Jam    

Performance: Solo Sleepover 2/27

Solo Sleepover is back! We perform tonight at 8 at the HIT. Check out the lineup below: 7:00 – Free improv mixer 8:00pm – Solo Sleepover / Mary Todd Lincoln: the Real Babe-raham Lincoln 9:00pm – Missed Connections 10:00pm – Hardly Working

Performances: Pop Vultures & Pillow Talk

So many good shows at the HIT this Friday! I’ll be performing with Pop Vultures and Pillow Talk, but you’ll probably also want to take the free improv class that’s offered, and check out the debut show of Cats on Speed! And lots of other good stuff. Shameless promo… Y’know. 6pm

Performances: This Weekend at the HIT

It’s the weekend again. Which basically means that I will be inserting myself into as many improv shows as I possibly can on the stage at the Harrisburg Improv Theatre. Friday night, you can see me perform with Pop Vultures, and Saturday night, we’ll be rockin’ the stage for Pillow

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