Performances: This Weekend at the HIT


It’s the weekend again. Which basically means that I will be inserting myself into as many improv shows as I possibly can on the stage at the Harrisburg Improv Theatre. Friday night, you can see me perform with Pop Vultures, and Saturday night, we’ll be rockin’ the stage for Pillow Talk, sex-hotline style (with special guest Ashley Mahdavi!), and Phlegminism – where all the classy ladies of the HIT come out and play. Check out the lineup below:

8:00 – Harold Hour with Pop Vultures and Spank’d
9:00 – Tristitia
10:00 – Improv Jam (with a dance party after??)

7:00 – Improv Mixer… Anyone can get up there and do a scene!
8:00 – Mary Todd Lincoln & Pillow Talk
9:00 – Monotone: An Improvised Musical
10:00 – Phlegminism

It’s gonna be a great weekend!

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