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99 Cent deal for The Fields!

Phew! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind on my end, so I apologize for not having said anything too substantial on here. I’ve been diving into a new manuscript, working on writing a musical, and getting ready for a few different events. But I have also been working

I’ve got reviews!

Since releasing The Fields at the end of December, I guess the logical next step was for people to start reading the book. Man, was that a hard thing to be patient about. When you work on something for so long, and you worry about it being enjoyable and legible,

Giveaway: a print copy of The Fields

With the release of The Fields so close (December 30th!), I figured I’d do a giveaway. After all, it is the holidays, and everyone likes a good gift. So if you’ve been hoping to win a free copy of my book, then here’s your chance! Enter in the giveaway! Entries

The Fields: Print Copies Now Available for Pre-Order!

That’s right. The pre-order is up on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Amazon offers both e-book and print, and Barnes and Noble offers just the print version. This is such a weird experience. Having a book available at all, let alone for both print and e-book, is such a foreign

The Fields is up for pre-order!

It should be noted that it takes me forever to get things done. Well, preparing a book for pre-order is one of those things. But, finally, the e-book is now available on Amazon! You can order it now and then forget about it til the release date (December 30th) rolls

Sketch Comedy FTW

Hey guys! As some of you know, I’ve been working lately on a sketch video team for HITflix (a branch of the HIT world). Well, a sketch that I worked on that I’m actually pretty proud of has just been released. Also, I acted in it. So weird. Stay tuned!

My Bye Week

This past couple of weeks have mostly been bogged down by political commentary and busyness, so instead of trying to come up with something uplifting to write, I have instead decided to focus on site maintenance and uploading old high school films to the Internet. If any of you want to

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