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99 Cent deal for The Fields!

Phew! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind on my end, so I apologize for not having said anything too substantial on here. I’ve been diving into a new manuscript, working on writing a musical, and getting ready for a few different events. But I have also been working

Crooked – A Story About Teeth

Time to get back to some fiction. I’ve had a slightly unconventional story idea about vampires (I know, doesn’t sound too unconventional) bouncing around my head for years, but never tried to put it to paper until a friend happened to inadvertantly remind me of it — on Facebook, of all places. So,

Digging Holes

Someone made the suggestion that I write some damn fiction every once in a while for my blog, since that’s all I ever want to talk about. I thought that wasn’t such a bad idea. When I sat down to do this, I immediately thought of my high school days,

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