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Divided We Fall

Two more black men have died from police brutality. I know that statement has a lot of weight to it, and I know there will be a lot of people who find fault in the words that I use. But Alton Sterling was selling CDs outside a convenience store, and

Crooked – A Story About Teeth

Time to get back to some fiction. I’ve had a slightly unconventional story idea about vampires (I know, doesn’t sound too unconventional) bouncing around my head for years, but never tried to put it to paper until a friend happened to inadvertantly remind me of it — on Facebook, of all places. So,

Trusting Myself to Not Trust

Today will just be a nice, self-loathing blog post about my insecurities and how I like them. Consider this your warning that you’ll probably get some eye roll exercise if you continue reading. When I was in middle school, I decided I wanted to take karate classes. It was a

Room For Ruthie

Why do I always put things off until the very last minute? My friend, Ruthie, is partially moving in with me. By “partially”, I mean she will live with me when she’s not off being a travel nurse — a job that steals her away for three months at a

Turning Over Stones

There is a game I like to play when I have the down time and am feeling particularly creative. I will go and sit in a public place and people-watch — I’ll think about what that woman with the glasses and the limp is thinking, what she did today; what

Rhyming as Therapy

Why can’t I live future memories as I do when I relive them? I don’t treat time as I should– I want it to be steady. Because change is good, But only when I’m ready. But time has the frustrating ability to be steady and changing at the same time. Constant,

Digging Holes

Someone made the suggestion that I write some damn fiction every once in a while for my blog, since that’s all I ever want to talk about. I thought that wasn’t such a bad idea. When I sat down to do this, I immediately thought of my high school days,

Say “Uncle”

I don’t understand why they have to make hospital beds so big. My Grandad is swallowed up in his, half sitting, half laying, wiggling his toes under the blanket like a little kid as the nurse asks him a series of questions about his health. In his whopping 61.7 kg

Room for Improvement

You know those moments where you cringe to think about how far you’ve come in life in terms of thoughtfulness, only to completely fail in one stupid, thoughtless moment? Yeah. I had one of those moments last week. My roommate works with autistic people. I know this. I know a

Prayer and Prejudice

Today, my Grandad turns 86.  His birthday is today; his brother, my Great Uncle Donald’s birthday is tomorrow. When my sister and I were born, they placed bets on whose birthday we would share. My Grandad won — they always used to joke that that’s why he loves us so

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