Film / Theatre


  • Writer, Tales From Sleepy Hollow, Open Stage, Harrisburg, PA, 2020


Co-writer/cinematographer, Watching Over You, 2022

Writer/director, The Fog Guy, short, 2022

Writer/director, Lucy and the Devil, short, 2022

Co-writer/director, Foresight, short, 2021

Co-writer/director, Unseen, short, 2019

Co-writer/co-director, Still Life, short, 2019

Co-writer/director, If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, 2018

Writer/director, Metamorphosis, short, shot on 16mm, 2017

Co-writer/director, Unhinged, short, 2017

Writing team, HITflix, sketch series, 2016

Co-writer/co-director, Hiding Places, short, 2016

Co-writer/co-director, Fox Hunt, mini-series, 2016

Co-writer/co-director, Quarry, short, 2012

Director, The Mime’s Song, short, 2011

Writer/Director, Tidal, short, 2007

Writer/Director, Dangerous Muses, short, 2006

Co-writer/co-director, Nightmare in the Media Room, short, 2006

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