Rhyming as Therapy

Why can’t I live future memories as I do when I relive them?

I don’t treat time as I should–
I want it to be steady.
Because change is good,
But only when I’m ready.

But time has the frustrating ability to be steady and changing at the same time. Constant, but fluctuating. Steadily changing.

The world keeps on spinning,
Despite our requests,
And days keep beginning,
And continue to end.

When we want it to spin slower,
And we want the day to last,
We forget
That days don’t work like that.

Equilibrium: noun. A state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced. You think you’re trying to fix a problem, but you’re messing with the order of nature.

So our lives are made of memories
And even those don’t last
We cling to them as best we can
But in the end, it’s just the past

To say, look to the future
Is a promise that can scar
Because we miss the things we wish
We’d paid attention to before

The present is so fleeting
That it’s past before you know
And while we’re catching up with it,
More present comes and goes

Life becomes increasingly
A frustration of time
No, time is not our friend,
It’s just our alibi

It brings joyful reminiscence,
It brings painful lessons learned
It can tear a heart in two, and then
It mends a heart that’s burned

No matter what you do with it,
There’s always not enough
For if we measure life with time,
We measure time with love.

The more you love something, the quicker it goes.

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