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Good Intentions

There’s only so many excuses that you can give when your room has been messy for about four months. Or reasons that you haven’t spent more time on your book, or reasons that you haven’t put together your presentation. Or reasons that you haven’t touched Celtx for about a month.

Doer’s Block

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re about bursting with creativity, but not in the mood to write? No? Just me? I can’t be the only one. I have those moments all the time, where I have all these really great story ideas, and characters coming out of my


She still forgets her keys on the counter, and she still tends to rush out the door to work without having made lunch. But she loves her job, and she loves her friends, and though she wishes she had more time for the things she loves to do, she still


“I’ve found that one of the pleasures and terrors of writing for an audience is that the book that someone reads is never quite the book you wrote.” – John Green When 8 different directors set out to make 8 different films, which were then nominated for this year’s Best

The Contentment of the Discontented State

Guys, space is so cool. I have been (slowly) reading “Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan, a book that purposefully makes you feel very small, but in a very good, very enlightening way. It’s amazing how a little space talk can get you lost in a world of awe in

Bring On 2016

I go back and forth with my feelings about New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes, when I’m in a particularly productive mood, I love resolutions and think they’re humanity’s best friend; and other times, after I’ve tried to accomplish certain resolutions for eleven months and twenty-some-odd days, I hate them for the

Doing Christmas Wrong

It is Saturday morning. The majority of Midtown Harrisburg is still, the result of those relishing the laziness of a day off combined with the scattered few still recovering from HMAC hangovers. And a marching band begins to play. I open the door, and behind me Liz comes bounding down the


If there’s a place for one’s sorrow to crawl, then let it crawl. For one’s pain, embarrassment — for one’s inability to tear down one’s past view of the future. To stare at it and see it as foreign, a canvas once put up that bleeds into the wall, forever

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