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“Faith is 24 hours of doubt and one minute of hope.” This honest description comes from a woman wracked with trauma and hiding in secrecy — from a nun, in fact. Director Anna Fontaine’s THE INNOCENTS explores a too-real, overwhelmingly solemn experience, based on real events, which hope to remind


He gave us BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN back in 2009, and as many directorial debuts can be, the result was uneven and lacking in authority. Now, John Krasinski has helmed another film, and while THE HOLLARS is endearing, it doesn’t show a lot of growth in direction. John Hollar


No one wants to reminisce about when they were thirteen years old. In fact, no one wants to be┬áthirteen years old; especially when you’re moving to a new neighborhood — scratch that, new country — and are going to be the only black kid in town. That pretty much eliminates

Performance: Pillow Talk, 7/9

Check out the lineup! This Saturday at the HIT, we will be topping off the night with a little Pillow Talk! 7pm – Free improv mixer – anyone can sign up to do a scene! 8pm – TBA 9pm – Introduce A Self 10pm – TBA/Pillow Talk

Review: The Meddler

Check out my review of THE MEDDLER!  

Performances: Solo Sleepover, Monotone, Pillow Talk 5/21

Saturday’s lineup at the HIT is going to be a blast! I’m going to be performing in 3 shows, but make sure to stick around for the other shows as well. You’ll laugh your ass off. 7pm – Free Imrov Mixer 8pm – Mary Todd Lincoln & Solo Sleepover 9pm

Reviews: Elvis & Nixon, The Man Who Knew Infinity

Two more good ones (one a little better than the other). Check out the reviews below: Elvis & Nixon The Man Who Knew Infinity

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