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A Reintroduction

Hi, I’m Sam, and I am terrible at writing. Okay, so I wrote a book. Sure. But how often do I write each day? A few minutes? Do I even do that much? Author or not, can I even consider myself a writer if I can’t write for even a


Burnout is constantly feeling like I’m late to something, even when I’m not, rushing through an activity because I just want to get to the end and “be on time”. Burnout is thinking that I have to get through just a little bit more, hold out a little longer, and

Night Terrors

It starts with a tightness: You wake to feel your heart Coming out of your chest, As if manipulated by some unseen force– And that is what you believe, If only for a moment, As you’re sprinting down the hall, Legs caught up in bedsheets, Slowly embarrassing yourself into stopping

Things That Seem to Help: Writing. Sleeping. Being with friends.  Listening to sad songs. Even if they’re different kinds of sad. Watching sad movies. Even if they’re different kinds of sad. Closing my eyes. Taking a deep breath. Listening to other people’s problems and worries. Dyeing my hair. Cutting my

All Shapes and Sizes

Man. These past two and a half weeks. I went to Massachusetts twice — first for a funeral, then for a wedding. The funeral was not completely unexpected, but it happened earlier than I would have liked. My grandad was still in the rehab center — the nature of such

The Perfect Audience (or, Connections)

There is something that improvisers will say after a night of performing that may just be to soothe our anxiety, but also may, in fact, be true: “You did great, it was just a weird audience.” You’ll hear this phrase when an improviser had a particularly great night, but the

Performances: Solo Sleepover, Monotone, Pillow Talk 5/21

Saturday’s lineup at the HIT is going to be a blast! I’m going to be performing in 3 shows, but make sure to stick around for the other shows as well. You’ll laugh your ass off. 7pm – Free Imrov Mixer 8pm – Mary Todd Lincoln & Solo Sleepover 9pm

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