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Burnout is constantly feeling like I’m late to something, even when I’m not, rushing through an activity because I just want to get to the end and “be on time”. Burnout is thinking that I have to get through just a little bit more, hold out a little longer, and

Night Terrors

It starts with a tightness: You wake to feel your heart Coming out of your chest, As if manipulated by some unseen force– And that is what you believe, If only for a moment, As you’re sprinting down the hall, Legs caught up in bedsheets, Slowly embarrassing yourself into stopping

Things That Seem to Help: Writing. Sleeping. Being with friends.  Listening to sad songs. Even if they’re different kinds of sad. Watching sad movies. Even if they’re different kinds of sad. Closing my eyes. Taking a deep breath. Listening to other people’s problems and worries. Dyeing my hair. Cutting my

All Shapes and Sizes

Man. These past two and a half weeks. I went to Massachusetts twice — first for a funeral, then for a wedding. The funeral was not completely unexpected, but it happened earlier than I would have liked. My grandad was still in the rehab center — the nature of such

The Perfect Audience (or, Connections)

There is something that improvisers will say after a night of performing that may just be to soothe our anxiety, but also may, in fact, be true: “You did great, it was just a weird audience.” You’ll hear this phrase when an improviser had a particularly great night, but the

Performances: Solo Sleepover, Monotone, Pillow Talk 5/21

Saturday’s lineup at the HIT is going to be a blast! I’m going to be performing in 3 shows, but make sure to stick around for the other shows as well. You’ll laugh your ass off. 7pm – Free Imrov Mixer 8pm – Mary Todd Lincoln & Solo Sleepover 9pm

She Thinks Too Much (She, Part Two)

I’ve been in a poetry mood lately, guys. She thinks too much. She philosophizes and soliloquizes, and when nobody’s looking, she writes things down. She analyzes both what she does and what is done to her, and she chastises herself for the majority of it — but then she stops.

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