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Sam Posts In Her Blog! (And Other Delayed Tales)

Note: If you’re here to help me pick a Halloween costume, that part is at the end. Scroll along, bud. Life Updates! Sam has a lot of stuff going on at the moment. Sam also likes to speak in the third person. Sorry about that. Here are some things that

The Power of Makeup (vs. The Power of Women)

I don’t know if you’ve seen this going around, but there’s a new set of images on the Internet showing Disney princesses without makeup. A sort of bizarre realization struck me as I looked at the article. I started to think about the reactions that people might have for these

Love Has Won (or, The Inevitability of Sore Losers)

Congratulations, USA! We have finally legalized same-sex marriage across the board, enabling everyone to have marriage equality. It’s amazing to see society finally progressing to this point. It’s not often that I want to express pride for my country, but this week — the week preceding the most appropriate time

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