I’ve got reviews!


Since releasing The Fields at the end of December, I guess the logical next step was for people to start reading the book.

Man, was that a hard thing to be patient about. When you work on something for so long, and you worry about it being enjoyable and legible, it can be pretty unnerving to then have to wait for people to actually dive in. But that’s exactly what people have been doing… and as a result, I’ve started to get some reviews on Amazon!

It’s incredibly weird to see reviews for something you’ve created, especially something created specifically to engage with. My hope is not just for people to enjoy reading The Fields, but to get something from it too, and that is not something I can control. I hope that readers will have something to mull over as they flip through the pages, and I hope that it’s not just something to pass the time.

And so far, that’s what the reviews have been confirming! Which is pretty exciting.

If you’ve been reading the book, feel free to write a review, and be honest! I don’t want applause, I want engagement. Let’s get talkin’!

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