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Performance: Pop Vultures 1/30/16

Come laugh at Pop Vultures tonight at the HIT during the 8:00 hour! Here’s the lineup: 7:00pm – Free Improv Mixer (anyone can do a scene!) 8:00pm – Spacework and Pop Vultures 9:00pm – Spank’d and Beware of Doug 10:00p – Voltron 1633

Performance: Pop Vultures and Solo Sleepover 1/29/16

I’ll be performing twice tonight at the HIT! Pop Vultures graces the stage at 8:30, and Solo Sleepover will be in the 9:00 hour. Come check us out! Tonight’s lineup: 8:00pm – Spacework and Pop Vultures 9:00pm – Tiny Town and Solo Sleepover 10:00pm – Improv Jam (anyone who has


“I’ve found that one of the pleasures and terrors of writing for an audience is that the book that someone reads is never quite the book you wrote.” – John Green When 8 different directors set out to make 8 different films, which were then nominated for this year’s Best

Performance: Monotone – the Musical 1/2/16

I’ve been invited to perform with Monotone again for an improvised musical! The performance is Saturday, January 2 at 9:00pm at the Harrisburg Improv Theatre. Come check it out! $5 for the show, or $10 for the whole night.

Pride Rocks

It’s not every week that I can say that I am a proud person — in fact, most of the time I feel like I’m cowering behind some sort of self-doubt or¬†wishing that circumstances could have happened slightly more in my favor. But this week, there has been an accumulation

My Cringeworthy Fling with Pejoratives

I kind of sort of did something I regret. Remember when I said that I love stepping into character and seeing from someone else’s perspective? Well, sometimes it ends up being a situation in which I cringe at the uncertainty of what I’ve just done.¬†Last night, Solo Sleepover took the

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