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Sickly Sam and Her Teachable Moments

I know, I know. It’s been two weeks since I’ve come back from my trip to Romania, and I have been woefully silent. I apologize for that. I promise there’s a reason behind it… but I’ll get to that in a minute. First, let me break you the bad news:


When I was looking for flights out of the country, I figured it would be appropriate to fly out of Boston so I could make a quick visit to the Cape and see my family. Man, I make good decisions sometimes. Though I always manage to only be home for

The Thing About Culture Shock

Guys. I leave for Romania in less than a week. As I prepare for my trip to Romania to visit my sister, I’ve been reflecting a lot on past trips — I’ve been comparing the amounts of time it took me to prepare for my various previous travels, reminiscing about

Let’s Get Out of Here!

Guess what? I’m antsy. And I blame it all on a film. Every month I get to watch a film that won’t actually be at the Midtown Cinema for another month: an early screener for the review I write for TheBurg. This month it was TIMBUKTU, a West African film

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