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Rocks in the Ocean

I’ve been amazed by the people around me this past week. Everyone is dealing with something, whether they are haunted by the past or struggling with the present, buried in experiences or emotions or injustices. And yet, each person continues to raise their head above the surface, treading water until

Power and Control

I think it’s starting to get better. I feel I’ve become that person now, the person who flaunts her problems to get people to read her blog. Well, if you read it and feel that way, then click away. You’ve only wasted a few seconds of your day. And if

The Artist’s Dilemma

Yesterday, a friend asked me if he could sit with me and read part of the manuscript for The Fields out loud. The Fields is the novel that I’ve been working on for… about forever, now. I got the idea for the story back in high school, but didn’t come

Half Life

A couple of years ago, I started working on a project with a few women that since then has kind of fallen to the wayside. It was a really cool project, but as a lot of you know, things get shuffled around due to scheduling conflicts, etc, etc. Today, I

What It Feels Like

Depression is a weird thing. It makes busyness a blessing. It is not that difficult to understand why I started feeling it as soon as I decided to take a step back and remove some of the obligations in my life. Right now, I’m struggling with the decision to maintain

Panic, Passion, and Honesty

The past few weeks have been a little bit low for me, mentally. Not because of anything going on (though there have been some doozies), but because the mind does what the mind does. Once I realized what was happening, I tried to make some adjustments to compensate, and one

Puzzle Pieces

This weekend, Screaming Pictures got to flex its muscles again for Vidjam‘s Harrisburg Filmmaking Weekend. This is the second year we’ve done this, and this year, we had some new additions to the family, rounding the creative team up to 9 people. We collectively gave birth to a beautiful baby

Birds and their Life Lessons

Thumper said it best: “Bir-DUH!” It’s an invigorating word to say, especially when you’re imitating a 1940s Disney movie. It was my Grandad who got the whole family into birdwatching, and even after he is gone, we still have an affinity for the beautiful creatures. And the life lessons they

All Shapes and Sizes

Man. These past two and a half weeks. I went to Massachusetts twice — first for a funeral, then for a wedding. The funeral was not completely unexpected, but it happened earlier than I would have liked. My grandad was still in the rehab center — the nature of such

In Loving Memory: 1930-2017

He was a fireman, and a diver for the police. And he built houses. He kept building until well after retirement. His workshop in the garage was the reason that I still love the smell of wood shavings and gasoline. My sister and I used to sweep the wood shavings

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