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Gray Areas

Guys, this seems to be the perfect time to ask this question: what do we do about artists we don’t agree with? I’m not talking about just not agreeing with stupid, minor things. I’m talking about conflicting worldviews, and/or despicable acts that they are alleged to have done. The recent

The Perfect Audience (or, Connections)

There is something that improvisers will say after a night of performing that may just be to soothe our anxiety, but also may, in fact, be true: “You did great, it was just a weird audience.” You’ll hear this phrase when an improviser had a particularly great night, but the

The Suitcase of Life

Guys, I have a problem. I just did a count for how many obligations I have in any given month (and by obligation, I mean, something that takes up an evening, something that I have to schedule and turn down social/down time because of. Something that I have to either


This is an internal dialogue post, just a fair warning. I tend to wax a little too hard on the mopey side when I do this. It is Oscar season. It is Oscar season, and the United States is exploding, and I’m working on projects. Lots and lots of projects.

Sorry, Not Sorry (Or, How to Prevent Someone from Being a Better Person)

I had to tell a man to leave my workplace today. It was a man I knew; he used to come into the Cinema all the time a couple years back, get a coffee, and chat with us before his movie. He was a nice guy. He was also banned from

Yuletide Animism

Will and I got a Christmas tree! It’s a decent size, and boy, does it have personality. If you know me at all, you know that I will endow inanimate objects with human qualities. But for real, this tree is a human in disguise. It may not be a biped,

Finding Family Everywhere

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. And guys, I just want to say how thankful I am for my workplace. There’s a concept called Impostor Syndrome, which marks the inability to internalize one’s accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. I feel this a lot. I

Us Vs. Them

I’m so sorry, guys. We have a lot of people in this country who are hurt, confused, and scared for the wellbeing of their everyday lives. And it’s all coming to a head. The frustrating thing about today is that the majority of the people I know personally are not

My Emotional State

I’ve started using a period tracker. I know, ew gross. The female anatomy. ‘Kay, now that we have that over with, I have discovered that using one of these apps is actually super helpful, and not just to “avoid being pregnant”, which is basically the only option the app gives

The Alarming Separation of Body and Soul

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I had a single, striking moment in which I looked at myself in the mirror and hated what I saw. I have never had body image problems. I’m cute, and I know it, and I have taken pride in that over

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