Month: October 2017

Under the Influence

My Grandad was a big drinker. His favorite place to take the family was the Yarmouth House, a nice restaurant where everyone knew Bill Boyne for the legend that he was. He would usually order scotch, and sometimes, he would offer a sip to the grandkids. Sipping your grandfather’s drink

My Best Damn Love Affair To Date

For the past couple months, I’ve been coveting a house on the market. It has an open living room and dining room, and an adorable kitchen. It has a backyard. It has big bedrooms, and a second bathroom. It’s still within walking distance of work. I want it I want

A Really, Really Great Day

I had a peculiar thing happen yesterday: I had a really great day. That sounds like I’m trying to infer that I don’t normally have good days, but yesterday was really great. Harrisburg on the Hunt, a mass treasure hunt experience I created with a friend, had its inaugural hunt,

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