She (Part Four)

She held her breath
To keep the fire alight, let it grow
But it grew — it consumed —
And she didn’t even know.
She was charmed by the light, and ignored the catchfire,
Tried to warm her hands in the heat of desire.

Now this breath she releases —
She now sees the reasons —
She’s here, still alive,
But she finds she’s in pieces.
Still fittable, still doable, it’s a puzzle, she knows,
But we see her surprise, as she thought she was whole.

Better now than at the end of your rope,
Better now than with any more growth.
Dear, you’ll find in your pain a strength, and a hope;
Just don’t look back, back is nowhere to go.
Let your feet move you forward,
Take your time, take it slow.

She’s scared, she’s confused,
She’s embarrassed, she’s bruised,
But she’s there, and she’s moved
To continue, be new
She will light up the world on her own set of terms,
And her flame will keep flowing, that old flame will burn.
And the breath she releases will help her discern,
This light that remains
Will be only hers.

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