Month: July 2017

She (Part Four)

She held her breath To keep the fire alight, let it grow But it grew — it consumed — And she didn’t even know. She was charmed by the light, and ignored the catchfire, Tried to warm her hands in the heat of desire. Now this breath she releases —

Power and Control

I think it’s starting to get better. I feel I’ve become that person now, the person who flaunts her problems to get people to read her blog. Well, if you read it and feel that way, then click away. You’ve only wasted a few seconds of your day. And if

The Artist’s Dilemma

Yesterday, a friend asked me if he could sit with me and read part of the manuscript for The Fields out loud. The Fields is the novel that I’ve been working on for… about forever, now. I got the idea for the story back in high school, but didn’t come

Half Life

A couple of years ago, I started working on a project with a few women that since then has kind of fallen to the wayside. It was a really cool project, but as a lot of you know, things get shuffled around due to scheduling conflicts, etc, etc. Today, I

Things That Seem to Help: Writing. Sleeping. Being with friends.  Listening to sad songs. Even if they’re different kinds of sad. Watching sad movies. Even if they’re different kinds of sad. Closing my eyes. Taking a deep breath. Listening to other people’s problems and worries. Dyeing my hair. Cutting my

What It Feels Like

Depression is a weird thing. It makes busyness a blessing. It is not that difficult to understand why I started feeling it as soon as I decided to take a step back and remove some of the obligations in my life. Right now, I’m struggling with the decision to maintain

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