Month: June 2017

Panic, Passion, and Honesty

The past few weeks have been a little bit low for me, mentally. Not because of anything going on (though there have been some doozies), but because the mind does what the mind does. Once I realized what was happening, I tried to make some adjustments to compensate, and one

This Will Only Help Me Move On

I used to think I could only trust myself. Anything else Was just inevitable heartbreak, Everyone else had their interests in mind, And the only eyes watching my back Were mine. Trust is such a terrible thing. It leads you into submission, Waving its rattle to distract And all in

Birds are singing, Squirrels chasing squirrels. I nod my greetings to my neighbors. And the shining sun Makes the river reflect — The world glitters around me. Heat on my back, Color reaching my cheeks. The breeze plays games With my skin, Loose strands of hair floating and falling On

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