Month: March 2017

In Loving Memory: 1930-2017

He was a fireman, and a diver for the police. And he built houses. He kept building until well after retirement. His workshop in the garage was the reason that I still love the smell of wood shavings and gasoline. My sister and I used to sweep the wood shavings

Gray Areas

Guys, this seems to be the perfect time to ask this question: what do we do about artists we don’t agree with? I’m not talking about just not agreeing with stupid, minor things. I’m talking about conflicting worldviews, and/or despicable acts that they are alleged to have done. The recent

The Perfect Audience (or, Connections)

There is something that improvisers will say after a night of performing that may just be to soothe our anxiety, but also may, in fact, be true: “You did great, it was just a weird audience.” You’ll hear this phrase when an improviser had a particularly great night, but the

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