Month: October 2016

My Emotional State

I’ve started using a period tracker. I know, ew gross. The female anatomy. ‘Kay, now that we have that over with, I have discovered that using one of these apps is actually super helpful, and not just to “avoid being pregnant”, which is basically the only option the app gives

My Bye Week

This past couple of weeks have mostly been bogged down by political commentary and busyness, so instead of trying to come up with something uplifting to write, I have instead decided to focus on site maintenance and uploading old high school films to the Internet. If any of you want to


“Faith is 24 hours of doubt and one minute of hope.” This honest description comes from a woman wracked with trauma and hiding in secrecy — from a nun, in fact. Director Anna Fontaine’s THE INNOCENTS explores a too-real, overwhelmingly solemn experience, based on real events, which hope to remind

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