Month: July 2016

My Visible Life

I want people to like me. I want people to like me, and understand me, and it stresses me out. This is a problem I admit to having, and it is a problem that many people have. It is a problem because it interferes with and bogs down my ability

“Mumma, that dark man saved me!” (And Other Labels)

When I was maybe seven years old, I went to the beach with a group of people from my church. I was wading in the water at about shoulder-level, when I accidentally walked right into a large hole. As my feet plummeted downward, so, unfortunately, did my head. Shocked from

Divided We Fall

Two more black men have died from police brutality. I know that statement has a lot of weight to it, and I know there will be a lot of people who find fault in the words that I use. But Alton Sterling was selling CDs outside a convenience store, and

Performance: Pillow Talk, 7/9

Check out the lineup! This Saturday at the HIT, we will be topping off the night with a little Pillow Talk! 7pm – Free improv mixer – anyone can sign up to do a scene! 8pm – TBA 9pm – Introduce A Self 10pm – TBA/Pillow Talk

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