Month: May 2016

Room For Ruthie

Why do I always put things off until the very last minute? My friend, Ruthie, is partially moving in with me. By “partially”, I mean she will live with me when she’s not off being a travel nurse — a job that steals her away for three months at a

Review: The Meddler

Check out my review of THE MEDDLER!  

Performances: Solo Sleepover, Monotone, Pillow Talk 5/21

Saturday’s lineup at the HIT is going to be a blast! I’m going to be performing in 3 shows, but make sure to stick around for the other shows as well. You’ll laugh your ass off. 7pm – Free Imrov Mixer 8pm – Mary Todd Lincoln & Solo Sleepover 9pm

Reviews: Elvis & Nixon, The Man Who Knew Infinity

Two more good ones (one a little better than the other). Check out the reviews below: Elvis & Nixon The Man Who Knew Infinity

Turning Over Stones

There is a game I like to play when I have the down time and am feeling particularly creative. I will go and sit in a public place and people-watch — I’ll think about what that woman with the glasses and the limp is thinking, what she did today; what

Review: Papa Hemingway in Cuba

I scorched this one. Check out the review here!

She Thinks Too Much (She, Part Two)

I’ve been in a poetry mood lately, guys. She thinks too much. She philosophizes and soliloquizes, and when nobody’s looking, she writes things down. She analyzes both what she does and what is done to her, and she chastises herself for the majority of it — but then she stops.

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