Performance: Solo Sleepover 2/27

Solo Sleepover is back! We perform tonight at 8 at the HIT. Check out the lineup below:

7:00 – Free improv mixer

8:00pm – Solo Sleepover / Mary Todd Lincoln: the Real Babe-raham Lincoln

9:00pm – Missed Connections

10:00pm – Hardly Working



Performances: Pop Vultures & Pillow Talk

So many good shows at the HIT this Friday! I’ll be performing with Pop Vultures and Pillow Talk, but you’ll probably also want to take the free improv class that’s offered, and check out the debut show of Cats on Speed! And lots of other good stuff. Shameless promo… Y’know.

image6pm – Free Kids Improv Class
7pm – Free Adult Improv Class
8pm – Harold Hour: Pop Vultures & Spank’d
9pm – Cats on Speed & Pillow Talkimage

Good Intentions

There’s only so many excuses that you can give when your room has been messy for about four months.

Or reasons that you haven’t spent more time on your book, or reasons that you haven’t put together your presentation. Or reasons that you haven’t touched Celtx for about a month. Or reasons that your weekly blog hasn’t had a solid entry in a couple of weeks.

Drafts get left unpublished, emails left unanswered. Things accumulate in piles on your floor.

There’s only so many times that you can talk about “you” instead of admitting that it is, in fact, me.

The reason that I plan so many things, and in consequence, the reason that I fail to follow through, is that I want my life to be full. Not just busy, full, but brimming with abundance and joy and things that I find pride in. Seeing the countless possibilities before me, I grab at them all at once. I envision myself a locomotive that forges forward into the winter night, fueled by hope and guided by determination, chugging and blazing and wondering where it’ll end up. So many possibilities! So many things to do!

_20160218_205133 But in my excitement, I overextend. I take those good intentions and I spread them thin, stretching them further than their elasticity allows. I only have so many hours in my day; I only have so much focus to give. And when I overextend, I tend to snap back a little harder than I planned — therefore getting less done than I would have been capable of, therefore finding that I need more time to revitalize myself. I idolize multitasking, but in my attempt to achieve it, I become woefully under-productive.

I wish I could say there was an easy fix for this — Top Ten Ways to Organize Your Life And Become Successful! — but instead I find myself watching the good things that I’ve created pass me by. That connection that I made there, wasted. That idea that I had then, collecting dust in the back of my mind.

I am not able to multitask like I used to. So goddamn it, I need to focus on one thing at a time. The only reason the elastic breaks is because it is pulled in too many directions; but if you pull it one way first, and then the other, it dances. I’ve got to learn to accept that dancing is the only way I’ll get by.

Doer’s Block

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re about bursting with creativity, but not in the mood to write?

No? Just me?

I can’t be the only one. I have those moments all the time, where I have all these really great story ideas, and characters coming out of my ears, but as soon as I sit down to write them all out, I think of a million other things that I could be doing — or even worse, that I want to be doing. Or, even worse, it is suddenly two hours later and I didn’t even do any of those things, and I still didn’t write the fully-formed idea in my head.

img_1227I suppose, in a way, that it’s a weird form of writer’s block, except that I think writer’s block is supposed to center around not having anything to write, and this seems to be the opposite (don’t worry, guys, I get that too, all the time). I have heard it labelled as procrastination, but that is just the symptom, not the disease… When there is a magic inside, waiting to be done, and something is blocking it from escaping, that’s not procrastination. Nor is it writer’s block. No, what we have here is a case of doer’s block.

I know my story. I know the bits and pieces of it, and all I have to do is stitch them together. So why don’t I just write the damn story? Why don’t I just do it?

Though “doer’s block” draws the offense of being too akin to a Nike slogan, it does hold some resonance in my heart, and I hope maybe in yours as well. Maybe not about writing, specifically. If you were to tell me that nothing comes to mind when thinking of things that you’d like to do and are capable of doing but just haven’t, then you would most certainly be lying. There is always that one underlying passion that never gets exercised, that one thought that never gets voiced — that one thing that you procrastinate from doing without really understanding why.

These past few weeks, I’ve felt my creative side peeking through a little bit more (hence why last week’s post was more narrative than an article). But in trying to apply that creativity, I’ve noticed myself veering away from the projects that I get most excited about. Instead, I come up with short little quips that sound nice and look pretty but don’t, at least in my heart, have any lasting impression. Every time I write one of these blurbs, I think, you fool, just follow your heart.

Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s a fear of screwing up the thing that you idolize in your head. Maybe you don’t think the outcome will be worth the risk, or you feel that you’ll just be wasting time. Maybe you even think you’ll be laughed at.

I’m not just talking about my writing now. I’m talking about you (after all, what’s a little self-agony if I can’t take everyone else down with me?).

Here’s the way I look at it, and I know it’s a cliche: if you have one muscle of passion that you have never gotten the chance to flex, then the longer it’s sedentary, the harder it’s going to be to get in shape. It is not going to turn out right the first time (or if it does, please, give me your secret). It is going to suck, just a little. But this is something you are passionate about. Why are you going to give up on something that brings that much joy to your heart, so easily? It will take time, but the more you flex that muscle, the better it will be.

And, you don’t always have to publicize your first few attempts. Hone, baby! And then show the world your magic.

Performances: This Weekend at the HIT


It’s the weekend again. Which basically means that I will be inserting myself into as many improv shows as I possibly can on the stage at the Harrisburg Improv Theatre. Friday night, you can see me perform with Pop Vultures, and Saturday night, we’ll be rockin’ the stage for Pillow Talk, sex-hotline style (with special guest Ashley Mahdavi!), and Phlegminism – where all the classy ladies of the HIT come out and play. Check out the lineup below:

8:00 – Harold Hour with Pop Vultures and Spank’d
9:00 – Tristitia
10:00 – Improv Jam (with a dance party after??)

7:00 – Improv Mixer… Anyone can get up there and do a scene!
8:00 – Mary Todd Lincoln & Pillow Talk
9:00 – Monotone: An Improvised Musical
10:00 – Phlegminism

It’s gonna be a great weekend!