Month: February 2016

Performance: Solo Sleepover 2/27

Solo Sleepover is back! We perform tonight at 8 at the HIT. Check out the lineup below: 7:00 – Free improv mixer 8:00pm – Solo Sleepover / Mary Todd Lincoln: the Real Babe-raham Lincoln 9:00pm – Missed Connections 10:00pm – Hardly Working Advertisements


Both WHERE TO INVADE NEXT and THE LADY IN THE VAN are playing at the Midtown Cinema! Check out my reviews to see if I loved ’em or hated ’em.

Performances: Pop Vultures & Pillow Talk

So many good shows at the HIT this Friday! I’ll be performing with Pop Vultures and Pillow Talk, but you’ll probably also want to take the free improv class that’s offered, and check out the debut show of Cats on Speed! And lots of other good stuff. Shameless promo… Y’know. 6pm

Good Intentions

There’s only so many excuses that you can give when your room has been messy for about four months. Or reasons that you haven’t spent more time on your book, or reasons that you haven’t put together your presentation. Or reasons that you haven’t touched Celtx for about a month.

Review: Mustang

I’m a little late in posting this, but… Check out my review for MUSTANG! What a powerful film.

Doer’s Block

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re about bursting with creativity, but not in the mood to write? No? Just me? I can’t be the only one. I have those moments all the time, where I have all these really great story ideas, and characters coming out of my

Performances: This Weekend at the HIT

It’s the weekend again. Which basically means that I will be inserting myself into as many improv shows as I possibly can on the stage at the Harrisburg Improv Theatre. Friday night, you can see me perform with Pop Vultures, and Saturday night, we’ll be rockin’ the stage for Pillow

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