Month: January 2016


Charlie Kaufman’s done it again, guys. Apart from being my favorite screenwriter, he’s been venturing into the directorial world as of late. Check out my review for his latest film, ANOMALISA. Advertisements

Performance: Pop Vultures 1/30/16

Come laugh at Pop Vultures tonight at the HIT during the 8:00 hour! Here’s the lineup: 7:00pm – Free Improv Mixer (anyone can do a scene!) 8:00pm – Spacework and Pop Vultures 9:00pm – Spank’d and Beware of Doug 10:00p – Voltron 1633

Performance: Pop Vultures and Solo Sleepover 1/29/16

I’ll be performing twice tonight at the HIT! Pop Vultures graces the stage at 8:30, and Solo Sleepover will be in the 9:00 hour. Come check us out! Tonight’s lineup: 8:00pm – Spacework and Pop Vultures 9:00pm – Tiny Town and Solo Sleepover 10:00pm – Improv Jam (anyone who has


She still forgets her keys on the counter, and she still tends to rush out the door to work without having made lunch. But she loves her job, and she loves her friends, and though she wishes she had more time for the things she loves to do, she still


“I’ve found that one of the pleasures and terrors of writing for an audience is that the book that someone reads is never quite the book you wrote.” – John Green When 8 different directors set out to make 8 different films, which were then nominated for this year’s Best


This week brings two new movies at the Midtown Cinema. So after a weekend of being up to my ears in story (be it watching movies or doing improv), here are the two new reviews for CAROL and THE REVENANT!

The Contentment of the Discontented State

Guys, space is so cool. I have been (slowly) reading “Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan, a book that purposefully makes you feel very small, but in a very good, very enlightening way. It’s amazing how a little space talk can get you lost in a world of awe in

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