Month: December 2015

Bring On 2016

I go back and forth with my feelings about New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes, when I’m in a particularly productive mood, I love resolutions and think they’re humanity’s best friend; and other times, after I’ve tried to accomplish certain resolutions for eleven months and twenty-some-odd days, I hate them for the

Doing Christmas Wrong

It is Saturday morning. The majority of Midtown Harrisburg is still, the result of those relishing the laziness of a day off combined with the scattered few still recovering from HMAC hangovers. And a marching band begins to play. I open the door, and behind me Liz comes bounding down the

Hornet’s Nest

I had a dream the other night. I dreamt that I was with two people; one was a friend, and one used to be a friend. And I began to tell my friend about the time I had a hornet’s nest in my bedroom. It started off with just a

The Child Grows Up

This week has got me wanting to be a kid again. What I wouldn’t give for that. Childhood is a state of pure, simple, in-the-moment life. If there is danger, your parents scoop you up and protect you from it. The worst reason you will ever cry is if some

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