Month: November 2015

The Land of Looks

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I’ve been so busy in the past few days that I forgot to post. While I didn’t have my traditional Thanksgiving dinner — in Massachusetts, with the parade on in the background, fighting for the seat at the table next to my Grandad, watching one cousin avoid

Stressing Out About Stress

Sometimes the universe starts physically hating on you for not having a handle on your life. I’ve been trying to manage my stress levels this week. I have discovered — or more accurately, rediscovered — that I am painfully not in control of my own body. It does what it


If there’s a place for one’s sorrow to crawl, then let it crawl. For one’s pain, embarrassment — for one’s inability to tear down one’s past view of the future. To stare at it and see it as foreign, a canvas once put up that bleeds into the wall, forever

All Work and No Play (aka A Very Skewed Worldview)

This week, I┬áhad two unexpected sick days. This means that I had two days to sit and analyze myself and realize, among other things, that I’m a bad writer. Okay, clarification time. I realize that some people are going to get mad at me for saying that (*cough, cough* Mom),

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