Month: July 2015

Country/City Girl

Yesterday, I visited my friend on her farm. Yes, that’s right, a farm. I have friends who own farms now. God, I feel like an adult. I can’t even fathom owning a farm, let alone one that makes you feel like you’re at Green Gables. I have a hard enough

The A Rating

The world just keeps getting a little brighter. This week I made an interesting discovery: recently, four Swedish cinemas have announced that they will be using the “A rating” in addition to the typical film ratings. If a film gets an A rating, that means it’s passed the Bechdel Test —

Groceries and Ambitions (or: Why Dogs Have Got It Good)

My friend took me grocery shopping last night. He’s got a tiny little beat-up convertible that he had just gotten back from the shop, it having been out of commission for a couple of months due to repairs, and as we started driving, he said, “Should we put the top

I’ve Been Challenged: Catalytic Reminiscence

The ever-lovely Hazelnut Pie has nominated me for the challenge of writing about my first blog post. Weirdly enough, I was scrolling through old posts to get to the beginning, and it dawned on me that I’ve come a lot further with this blog than I initially thought I would be able

Love Has Won (or, The Inevitability of Sore Losers)

Congratulations, USA! We have finally legalized same-sex marriage across the board, enabling everyone to have marriage equality. It’s amazing to see society finally progressing to this point. It’s not often that I want to express pride for my country, but this week — the week preceding the most appropriate time

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