Month: June 2015

Quite Contrary (Fending for Weeds’ Honor)

Ah, summer. The season in which gardeners turn trowels into paintbrushes and claim nature as their canvas. Granted, if you’re a good gardener, you will have started your garden months before now, when spring first defrosted the soil; but as it is, I am a bad gardener. Though I did plant my seeds a few

In Loving Memory 1928 – 2015

My Grandma had a tradition when I was a kid: when we would visit her and Grandad, she would stand in the doorway as we all got in the car to leave, and flick the lightswitch on and off to say goodbye as we drove away. Oftentimes she would also

Fighting the Inevitable

It always seems to rain when I’m on Cape Cod. Maybe it’s life’s way of telling me I need to visit more often — I do my best to come when I can, to see family and a handful of friends and say a quick hello to the ocean (bad

Visiting Past Sam

Hello, all you wonderful people who are bored enough to read this blog. It has now been two weeks since my last post, something that I wish I could say just occurred to me but in reality, I have thought about every day for the past week. I just couldn’t

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