Month: April 2015

Doctor Who and the Joy of Writing

Bear with me, guys, this is gonna be a post about writing. I promised myself I would never go too in-depth with anything too writer-ish in this blog, because I’ll scare all of you away, but I have some quick “writer love” I want to give, and I’m sorry. I

Lightning Strikes

“If the weathercaster says it’s gonna rain…” Maybe he did. But I didn’t hear him. No, today was a complete surprise for me… I walked to work listening to birds chirp, feeling that bliss you feel when spring has only really been upon you for a week, and the sun,

Staying Connected

This has been a week of goodbyes. I recently found out that a few weeks ago, a guy I used to work with in high school died. I wasn’t best friends with the guy — in fact, to be honest, I hadn’t kept in touch with him at all after

Life As We Know It

Happy Easter! Greetings from Yarmouth, Massachusetts — the land of motels and mini golf. I made the crazy decision to drive 7 hours away to see my family and then drive all the way back in time for work on Monday afternoon. We’ll see just how successful I will be

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